Your hardest decision will be what to do each day.

Bridal Falls is adventure central with an amazing array of amenities and activities just waiting to be discovered. Pack a picnic and the dog and spend an afternoon exploring the world famous Bridal Veil Falls. Or partake in a leisurely bike ride or a farm tour complete with all the rustic charm the area is famous for.

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Away from it all …

Reel in a trophy steelhead from the Vedder River. Or take in a round of golf at over 10 different courses in the area. For those looking for more of an adrenaline rush there’s hang gliding, bouldering and water slides.

Outdoor paradise
Cheam Lake Wetlands

Yet close to so much.

There is also a huge abundance of hiking trails along with boating, camping birdwatching and fishing at nearby lakes and mountains. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting by the pool all day for some well-deserved time off!

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